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Our mission at Strong Wall Academy is to be a strategic ally to the /files/misc pictures/family-bible-study-reduced_edited-1.jpgChristian home by leading students in developing a biblical worldview and preparing them as leaders to impact their world for Jesus Christ.  As part of SWA's core values, we seek opportunities that will expand the Christian education movement and desire to support the efforts of the Christian home in leading their children to become God-honoring disciples of Jesus Christ.  Strong Wall Academy desires to "connect" with and support homeschool families in our community by providing them access to quality and accredited core academics, performing arts and physical education classes, junior varsity and varsity athletics, extra-curricular activities and field trips.

2014 - 2015 COURSE PRICING
Homeschool Connection students are eligible to take up to 2 courses per year on the Strong Wall Academy campus.  The $1,250.00 per course fee includes tuition for one course, books, class fees, laptop rental, standardized testing, and access to all extra-curricular activities at SWA.  Parents may choose to pay for the course on an 11 month payment plan with the first payment due in July for $113.64 per course.

Homeschool Connection course offerings for the 2014 - 2015 school year will be for 7th through 12th grade classes.  SWA middle and high school classes are on a modified block schedule and are scheduled for 90 minutes every other day. 

For the 2014-2015 school year, our course offerings and grade level opportunities will increase and include core academics and electives such as performing arts, physical education and music. Detailed information for the 14-15 school year is available by calling the school office at 678-679-3070.

To apply return the completed SWA New Student Application (available for download on the "Admissions" section of our website) along with the $100.00 non-refundable Application Fee.  Students attending SWA are required to wear the school uniform while at school.  More information can be found on the "Student Life" section of our website.

Please contact the school office at #678-679-3070 to talk with someone about connecting your child with Strong Wall Academy.

Click here to download the "Homeschool Connection" flyer