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Missions is a life style and a mind set, not just a list of projects.  Missions begins in our hearts in the way we treat each other in every encounter throughout life; it is moving outside of our own needs and meeting the needs of others, whether it’s preparing a meal for a sick neighbor, cutting grass for the elderly, working in a soup kitchen, ministering to the needs of others at home or abroad, or teaching VBS. Planting the seeds of commitment to sharing God’s Word and love with others through service projects and foreign missions is an integral part in developing Kingdom citizens.  As a vital element of the Strong Wall educational process, these lessons are not confined to one area, one country, or one people. Strong Wall Academy seeks to develop a lifelong spirit of service in all of our students, locally and globally.

/files/misc pictures/missions/2013-06-10 14.58.11.jpgThe students at SWA will have the opportunity to travel to Honduras to work with Christian Community of Honduras and work alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ while experiencing life in a third world country. We travel to the mountain villages and build houses and churches, install water systems, teach VBS classes, deliver Christmas boxes, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. This program is a phenomenal experience for team building, seeing how people in other parts of the world live, and stretching your children outside of their comfort zones. /files/misc pictures/missions/IMG_0156_2.jpgSWA is also involved with Rivers of the World (ROW), an international development group that has an impact on almost every continent.  There is nothing that will impact your children more than stepping outside of their own footprint into the shoes of other cultures. 

/files/misc pictures/missions/IMG_0121_2.jpgEach month our Upper School students and parent volunteers prepare a meal for 150 homeless men and women in downtown Atlanta.  We have partnered with the Safe House Outreach ministry in Atlanta to help minister to those in need in our own community.  Students prepare the food, serve the food and lead the people in worship and drama ministry.

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