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The Lord gave His people art in order to better display the wonderand majesty of His glory. The arts are an integral part of developing the whole student and establishing connections between creativity, history, math, and science. The creative development of children does not just happen along one avenue, but along many paths. The arts are an avenue of expression of worship to God that glorifies the creative nature that He has instilled in all of us. The Strong Wall Arts include visual arts, drama, and music and strive to provide each student with:
  • An awareness of their God-given gifts and abilities.
  • A sensitivity to God's creation and a means to respond to what they see.
  • A core knowledge of the foundations of the arts.
  • The ability to explore his or her God given creative nature.

  • The opportunity to express ideas visually, by /files/misc pictures/clint drawing_1.jpg eveloping skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, and crafting.
  • A fundamental knowledge of artistic heritage and how art history relates to the present.
  • The opportunity to make qualitative visual judgments as they learn to appreciate diverse expressions of creativity.

The DRAMA PROGRAM provides:
  • /files/misc pictures/Gods not dead.jpgThe opportunity for growth through imagination.
  • The opportunity to express their talents and creative skills through fun and exciting projects.
  • Knowledge of the history of drama and theater.
  • Knowledge of the techniques of drama production.
  • The opportunity to learn various types of acting and improvisation.

The MUSIC PROGRAM provides:
  • /files/misc pictures/2014-04-08 21.09.57.jpgThe opportunity to learn both vocal and instrumental music from beginning through advanced levels.
  • The opportunity to glorify God through musical praise.
  • Knowledge of age appropriate classical and contemporary music.
  • Knowledge of how music relates and connects to different time periods through inter-disciplinary lessons.