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What makes Strong Wall Academy different? We aim high, think big and seek to be exactly the school God has called us to be. Listed below are some of the differences you will find at SWA:

  • College Preparatory - Strong Wall Academy is a progressive, college preparatory Pre-K thru 12th grade Christian school committed to the hallmark of excellence in all arenas.
  • Enhanced Learning Environment - Hands on activities and real life experiences enhance learning.  This is why you will find SWA students "out of their seats", working in groups, creating projects, and attending frequent field trips. 
  • Small Classes - Elementary class sizes do not exceed 15 students.  Middle and high school class size average is 20.  We are committed to creating a learning environment that is student centered and small enough to give each student the attention they deserve.
  • Technology - Technology is used to engage students and expand learning.  We believe that technology should be utilized across the curriculum and grade levels to engage students and expand learning.  Elementary students have the opportunity to utilize our computer lab. Students in grades 7th-12th are required to have their own laptop computers which they use in a variety of classes during the day.
  • Latin - Latin classes begin in elementary and continue through high school. Student learning and performance is enhanced through the study of Latin.  Studies have shown that learning Latin increases the student's vocabulary, improves reading skills, boosts math problem solving skills, and lays the foundation for learning other Latin-based languages.
  • Life Long Learners - We desire to lead students to become independent and life long learners.  All grades will have a strong focus on the art of public speaking and written communication.
  • Exceptional Learners Program - The Exceptional Learners Program at Strong Wall Academy is specifically designed to provide an individualized plan to meet the academic, spiritual, and physical needs of students in grades K5-12th who have diagnosed and documented learning needs in the mild to moderate range.
  • The Homeschool Connection Program - Strong Wall Academy desires to "connect" with and support homeschool families in our community by providing them access to quality and accredited core academics, performing arts and physical education classes, junior varsity and varsity athletics, extra-curricular activities and field trips.