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The use of technology at Strong Wall will not be contained to a “computer” class.  Technology is a tool for learning and will be utilized across the curriculum and all grade levels.  We are committed to developing leaders and understand that students need more than a class to teach them about how to use a computer. Instead, they need an educational system that embraces the use of technology to further learning on all levels and in all areas.  Elementary students will learn basic computer skills preparing them to use technology in their learning.  /files/misc pictures/girl on laptop.jpgStudents will utilize technology in many academic areas and will actively integrate the use of technology in their daily classroom activities beginning in the seventh grade.  An integrated and online student management system will give parents and students instant access to grades and classroom assignments, while enhancing communication. 

Students in grades 9th–12th utilize laptop computers in a variety of classes throughout the day. It is a requirement that students in grades 9th-12th have a personal Mac or PC laptop or Ipad for their own use in the classroom each day. The use of laptops enhances and expands the learning environment in each class.  /files/misc pictures/macbook.pngTeachers are not limited to the use of one single resource (a textbook), but have the ability to access information and resources for each lesson that will maximize student learning.  A few textbooks will be delivered electronically; however, we are not seeking to eliminate paper textbooks or books in general. Our goal is to enhance the learning environment by taking advantage of the best resources available.  Classrooms that limit learning to what is contained in a single textbook will not be found on the Strong Wall campus, we can (and will) do better than that!