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Strong Wall Academy (SWA) is a biblically centered learning community devoted to its students and rebuilding the walls of strength, power, and purpose in our future generations. At SWA we are preparing them for higher education - leading to a life of service to God, family, and the global community. Each student is challenged to reach his or her potential through a learning rich environment and is encouraged to be an active participant in the learning process.  SWA offers a balanced program that fosters creativity, reasoning, logic, and critical thinking skills, writing with precision and clarity, and thinking and speaking with knowledge, wisdom and discernment.  SWA teaches more than just facts and memorization - we embrace relationships, inquiry, and invention. We seek to instill in our students a love of learning through active learning environments, applications to real world venues, and opening their hearts to see what an incredible and unique individual that God has created in them. While developing the individual person, our students at the same time will experience lessons that foster collaborative learning, team building, respect for others, and thinking in terms of community - family, local, and global.

Strong Wall Academy offers a unique blend of classical and traditional education, enhanced by talented, caring, and professional Christian teachers.  Of even greater value to parents is the strength of their children's faith that will be gained from the biblical environment that surrounds them at SWA - the day is started in worship and praise of God, and Christian character formation is emphasized throughout the educational process. We do not want our students to fall into the high percentage of Christian students who abandon their faith during college. Our community is diverse, loving, and dedicated to the intentionally excellent education our students require in today's challenging world.  We live by our mission as a strategic ally to the Christian home by leading students in developing a biblical worldview and preparing them as leaders to impact their world for Jesus Christ.