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The middle school program at Strong Wall Academy consists of students in grades 5th-8th.  This is a time of transition for young adolescents growing at a rapid pace. In middle school, students gradually take on more responsibilities for their learning as they are challenged academically, spiritually, and socially to develop a sense of God's purpose for their lives. The educational goals of the middle school include a balance of skill development and subject mastery through critical thinking, working collaboratively, reasoning logically, and thinking independently. These goals are met through a balance of academics, arts, and athletics. Students will take courses in Bible, mathematics, science, history, language arts, Latin, logic, art, music, physical education, and technology.

The high school program at Strong Wall Academy offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that prepares our 9th thru 12th grade students for success in higher education. High school classes at SWA are scheduled using a modified block system. This method of scheduling reduces fragmentation of the instructional period and allows more flexibility during the instructional time to include more creative applications of the daily lessons. Academics at SWA follow an honors track and dual enrollment opportunities with Truett McConnell College. Students will be mentored and guided through the process of making informed decisions regarding college selection.