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The goal of the Kindergarten and Elementary levels at Strong Wall Academy is to foster academic excellence and spiritual / character /files/misc pictures/jake, micah- penguin patch.jpgdevelopment in a safe and nurturing Christ centered environment. Learning should be joyful. Our program fosters a feeling of love and reverance for God and respect for the value of others around us while learning the foundations that lead to successful upper level education.  In a positive atmosphere, we maximize each child's God-given abilities as we unite spiritual, social, and academic learning.

Our curriculum consists of daily core subjects of Bible, m
athematics, reading and writing, science, social studies, and Latin. Enrichmentclasses are art, physical education and music. 

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These learning experiences are balanced with creative on-campus social activities
and off-campus field trips. The cognitive growth of young st
udents through developing social skills is as important as the content knowledge they will gain at SWA. Ourteachers encourage parental involvement, interaction, and communication and look forward to being your partner in making the kindergarten and elementary years of school ones that both you and your child will enjoy.